American English Club (Free!)


Do you want to improve your English speaking ability, improve your communication skills, add to your vocabulary, and speak a better and clearer English?

Do you want to enhance your English language skills for better employment?

Learn how to better pronounce words.

If you already can speak English and want to practice it with American language speakers, then our club will give you this opportunity.

Meet others who are already speaking English and practice in an English speaking only club!

There is no cost for you to attend and we give no homework. Just a time of meeting with others who want to practice and learn better English skills.

Practice real life situations.

Listen to a variety of speakers, including Americans.

All levels are welcome to attend

The club will include: one on one conversation, practical speaking and question and answers.

Everything will be in English for those who already are speaking the language.

Visit us at Eastern Gate

The club meets

Every Saturday at 5 P.M.

Address: ул.Титова 2, "ВОСТОЧНЫЕ ВОРОТА"

Any questions, or to let us know you are coming, please call (050) 941-2992 (SMS/VIBER)

(на русском)